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Poster: Jim F Date: Sep 4, 2011 12:06am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: For Real!? Europe 72 SBDs gone.

My response to the Europe tour no longer available for streaming - in the words of "Seinfeld's" Newman, "What took ya so long?"

Honestly, for me the LMA isn't really a place I turn to anymore when I want to listen to Grateful Dead music. Hasn't been since late 2005, really. I don't really stream shows here, I pull out my CD copies or just listen to whatever I've got on either my internal or external hard drives. Though I do get auds here from time to time. Even then, I tend to just torrent those as well.

That said, this place is a huuuuuuuuge resource for us collector freaks and avid afficionados. I wouldn't even know where to begin discussing the impact this place has had, and continues to have. It is a shame that so many sources get pulled due to official release, especially when it's a Road Trips that only has like one or two songs from a show and the whole show gets yanked. I figured all of Europe would get yanked sooner than later. But the LMA still rocks. And at least they kept the reviews and ability to comment alive.

I'm wondering if we'll see the whole tour set circulate in pirate digital form. Well, not "if," more like "when." If I ever came across it I'd almost like to post the links to it on people's ebay pages that bought 10 of the box sets just so they could sell them for 5 times the original price. To me that's a much bigger crime and insult than pirating a 256k MP3 rip of the whole set or something.

I certainly don't condone any of those things, but I just wonder, who is gonna be *that guy* who maybe harmlessly makes some flac rips for his portable player, and somehow the whole thing winds up on some pirate torrent site? It's like the JFK assasination plot, it maybe started harmlessly as two guys joking around, musing on a different world. One thing leads to another, leads to a plan, next thing you know...

Anyway instead of someone "digitally liberating" the Europe box set, I'd almost like to see someone like "The Bus" put together the workingman's version of the tour and make a big torrent with the "best" of the circulating 2 tracks. Sortof the "reggie" version of the "kind" official release, as the kids today would say. Though really I wouldn't even need to download it, like probably 90% of people reading this.

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